Not my will but YOURS Father..

Wow. So literally a few minutes ago I was browsing the internet thinking of all the things I want to do with myself over the summer break etc. My mind was just all over the place as I was thinking about what if I fail in doing this project etc.. It really had me thinking that sometimes us as people have a tendency to force OUR will on God and wonder why things aren’t as successful as WE would like them to be and we get all caught up in our feelings and thoughts and completely forget about God’s will. Us as the children of God should desire to do the will of the Father solely. Everything else will fall into place after we seek God.

Brothers and Sisters I urge you to seek the will of God alone. God knows when you need something, God has your future in the palm of his hands, do not worry for God is with us. Seek the will of God daily don’t forget that. I can’t emphasize how important the will of God is.

Stay Blessed


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