One of a Kind !

Good Evening !

I just felt on my heart that I needed to encourage someone tonight. So in this day and age you get countless teenagers wanting to look a certain way or act a certain way because they’re favourite celebrity looks and acts that way. I just find it so sad because each and every one of us are fearfully and wonderfully made as individuals. Think of of like this, you are one of a kind. There never was anyone like you before you, there never ever will be anyone else like you again in this world. When God created you he didn’t have a different carbon copies of you, when he created you, he created you as the first and the last. So why do you want to look like someone else ? What do you want to act like someone else ? You were never created to be that person, you were created to be you so do you ! You may not be the smartest, you may not be the most beautiful, you may not the most popular but rest assured you are amazing in God’s eyes and you have gifts and talents that make you unique. In the house of God, different people have different roles but all the different roles have equal importance. I’m sure you’ve heard or read this example before but it’s relevant in this context; the house of God is like a human body. The human body has legs, eyes, and ears. If the body has eyes but no legs, it can see where it wants to go but can’t physically go there because it lacks legs. In this way, if the body is missing a part it can’t function as best as it should. In this way we can’t all be the same in the house of God. If you haven’t noticed, GOD LOVES VARIETIES!  Just look at all the different countries with all the different ethnicity!  In this way I urge you to embrace and appreciate the way that God created you. Be happy the way you are. Happiness begins with you !

Stay Blessed