New Year, New Start !

Thank God for his grace that kept us through the year of 2013 and into 2014! Many wanted to make it to this day but they couldn’t! Many lost their loved ones last year but we thank the Lord Jesus that he kept us as well as our loved ones. He is a faithful God indeed. Continue to trust in him and to do his will in this year.

I decree and declare that the year of 2014 shall be a fruitful year for you in Jesus name! Amen.


Book Review: A new song by Pat Boone

Pat boone


WOW! So I really feel like this (excluding the Bible) IS the book I have been waiting for. I simply think that this book is amazing because although it was written many years before I was born it resonated with me on a deeper level.  Before I start reviewing this book let me just mention that I love reading testimonies. I love knowing what great works God is doing in people’s lives. This book is just a major testimony to me.

To summarise; the books sets the scene by taking us through Pat’s life from where he was born through to when he married his wife and when they had their children. The book then  takes you through the main issues that Pat had, as a son, a teenager, a husband, a music star and as a father. It also takes you through issues that his wife and daughters faced. Through this Pat receives the Holy Spirit and his whole life and well as the lives of members of his family just began to change in such an unimaginable way. If I tell you anymore about this book I’d spoil it, so I suggest that you read it if you want to see how the Spirit has affected other people’s lives.

Stay Blessed !

The Christian Burden !


God is the everlasting God. There is no other like him in ALL the universe. I just feel the need to encourage someone today ! Especially those that are having trouble with their walk with Christ. Take heart because if you stay trust in and wait upon God, he shall renew your strength, you will mount up with wings like eagles, you will run and not get tired, you will walk and not become weary. A lot of people don’t realise that this Christian voyage is the hardest thing you’ll ever go through in your whole life. As soon as you start believing in Christ the devil will try and attack you. The higher you go into the presence of God the more the devil will attack you. But be greatly encouraged because the battle has already been won and and children of God we hold the power ! Therefore fear no evil because our God is with us ! If our God is with us then whom then shall we fear ? Take hard and start making movements to save other people. Christians ! THE BURDEN IS OURS ! Do you understand what I am writing ? THE BURDEN IS OURS! Many, many, many are perishing ! Many are going to HELL ! Yet we know Christ and aren’t doing the best we can to save others. You know it breaks my heart because there are many people all over the world that have never heard of the name Jesus before. Many are in darkness and yet God can save them. It’s one thing dying without knowing God, but it’s another dying without knowing God because you chose to not know God. Let us do our part as the children of God and evangelise wherever we are whenever we can, because it is not us who save people, it’s the Spirit of the everlasting God. If we do our bit of introducing them to God, the Holy Spirit will take lead and if it’s that person’s time then they’ll get saved. Whatever you do, wherever you are never forget that the burden is ours, God saves people through us and our testimony among many other ways he saves people.

The tough times that you are going through shall be your testimony ! Through your testimony in Jesus name many shall come to Christ, many shall be able to overcome because you waited upon God and you overcame. Stay blessed and don’t forget that the burden is ours.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah – The Root of David


Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is fit to put him in a zoo ? No body ! (Revelations 5:5)

He broke the law of physics and walked on water. (Matthew 14: 22-33)

He broke the law of chemistry and turned water into wine. (John 2: 1-11)

He broke the law of economics and fed the multitude with 5 loaves of bread of 2 fish. (Matthew 14: 13-21)

He broke the law of biology and he was born of a virgin. (Matthew 1:18-25)

He broke the law of social networks, he not on twitter or instagram yet millions follow him.

The Ancient of days. (Daniel 7:9, Isaiah 43:13)

Lily of the valley. (Song of Solomon 2:1)

Rose of Sharon. (Song of Solomon 2:1)

King of Kings. (Revelation 19:16)

Lords of Lords.  (Revelation 19:16)

Omnipotent.  (Revelation 19:16)

Omnipresent. (Psalm 139: 7-10)

Omniscient. (Psalm 44:21)

 El-Shaddai. ( Lord God Almighty – Genesis 17:1, Genesis 48:3)

El Elyon (The Most High God – Gen 14:19, Psalm 78:35)

El Olam. (Everlasting God – Gen 21:33, Isa 26:4)

Adonai (Lord, Master – Ex. 4:10, Num 14:17)

Jehovah Rapha. (Healer – Ex. 15:26)

Jehovah Ra-ah. (Shepherd – Psalm 23)

Jehovah Tsidkenu. (Our Righteousness – Jere 23:6)

Jehovah Nissi. (The Lord my Banner – Ex. 17:15)

Jehovah Mekoddishkem. (The Lord who sanctifies – Ex. 31:13)

Jehovah Shalom. ( The Lord is Peace – Judges 6:24)

Jehovah Shamma. (The Lord is there – Eze 48:35)

Jehovah Jireh. (Provider – Gen 22:14)

Jehovah Sabaoth. (The Lord of Hosts – 1 Sa. 1:3, Psa 80:4)

Bright and Morning Star.  (Rev 22:16)

I am the I am. (Ex. 3 v 14)

The Eternal Rock of Ages. (Isaiah 26:3-4)

Words are too small to describe our Messiah.

Let our King be lifted above every other name in all the earth !

Book Review : Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

So, yesterday I finished reading the book Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn. Before I read it I had been meaning to read it for over a year but I just never got round to reading it for whatever reason. I am so thankful to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that I took time to read it because it has truly changed my prayer life. It has given me a whole new perspective on who the Holy Spirit actually is. Who ever you are where ever you are I recommend you to go on Amazon and order this book as soon as possible because my goodness it will take you to a whole new level.

The book goes into detail about who the Holy Spirit is, his purpose here on earth, how we should treat him and most importantly it how to not grieve him. I think as a child of God, it is important for all of us to actively seek communion with the Holy Spirit because, in the days of Moses, people spoke directly to God, later on in the new testament people spoke to Jesus himself, when Jesus Christ left, he left us the Holy Spirit as a way of communicating with God.  In the book of Acts 1:8 Jesus said “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…”. In this way we can discuss this topic much deeper but I feel that as children of God we need to take steps to worship our Father in Spirit and in truth. If you are someone who is seeking to learn more about the Spirit because you want to worship God in Spirit, I would definitely recommend this book because it’s a page turner, it goes into a lot of detail without being too lengthy.

I feel that if I discuss this book with you anymore I would have already given you too much information. I strongly urge you to read it, because if you read it with an open heart it will take you to a new level unfailingly.  Take heart because the journey begins when you start knowing the Holy Spirit.

Be blessed

It is time to FLY! – Part II


Jeremiah 48:40 states “For thus says the Lord “Behold one shall fly swiftly like an eagle and spread his wings against Moab” It is your time to fly!

It is said that eagles have great vision, because they have two sets of eyelids. The first set of eyelids the eagles has they use when they are resting and doing day to day activities. The second set of eyes in enable them to see perfectly through at least 3 miles during a storm. It is clear that the second sets of eyes are used for enhanced and long focusing. In this way, us as the children of God need to have vision like that of an eagle. During storms we need to have the vision of an eagle, we need to be able to see through and past the storm. Proverbs 29:18 says that “Where there is no prophetic vision, the people perish”. Vision for us is important because as a child of God, the devil will constantly try to pull you from the presence of God by giving you trials and temptations and it is a must that we have to see our way past these problems, we have to have enough vision to see ourselves overcoming the these trials and temptations because if we don’t, we will perish. In the book of Ephesians 1:18-19 Paul prayed that the eyes of the Ephesians would be opened so that they can see. In this way he wasn’t pray for physical vision he was praying for spiritual vision. Brothers and sisters we are all at different stages in this Christian walk. Ask yourself, what stage is your vision at? Maybe you see yourself going through the storm and coming out better than you were before, if this is you well done! Continue to endure, it is not in vain, be encouraged! Maybe you lack vision all together? Maybe you can see yourself passing through the same and just about coming out alive? Whatever stage you are at pray to God and ask him to take you to another level with your vision in this year. In the book of 2 Kings (Ch. 6) there was a Syrian king warring against Israel. This king had set his mind on seizing Elisha because he had been warning Israel about the plans of the Syrians. One night the Syrian king sent his armies to surround the city of Dothan where Elisha was. To people that didn’t have prophetic vision the situation was absolutely hopeless. Elisha’s servant panicked and in so many words asked Elisha, what are we going to do? In v16 Elisha said “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them”. In this way Elisha was speaking with prophetic vision and I’m sure the servant thought his master had gone crazy or something because physically from what he could see there weren’t many people on their side. This is when in v17 Elisha prayed saying “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see”. God answered his prayer and behold the young servant saw the mountain and it was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. In this way, if Elisha and his servant didn’t have spiritual vision by faith, the would have really thought that the situation was dire and because they wouldn’t have seen that they’d overcome the storm, they possibly may have given up? You see in this way spiritual vision is critical for us because without is we may not overcome battles that will take us a level higher in this walk with Christ. Brothers and sisters we labour for the kingdom of God, within the kingdom of God we are soldiers, soldiers know what their weapons are and how to use them. Don’t perish because of lack of vision when the bible warned you sternly about what happens to people who lack vision.

When eagles are flying they’re not like pigeons which constantly flap their wings as they’re flying. An eagle usually fleets twice before it soars. The eagle’s wings stay straight as it flies. Why is this? It is said that eagles are very heavy birds and by flapping their wings they will waste too much energy. Eagles save energy for the storm because unlike other birds, eagles don’t dodge storms, they face the storm and come out better at the other end. In this way brothers and sisters we need to think, how have we been wasting energy and time on things that will not profit us? Do you realise that every minute that God gave us we are answerable for? You know it kind of baffles me when people waste time or don’t stick to a plan that they have made for the day because for every minute that you have lost gossiping, or watching a useless show on tv, you could have done something productive for the kingdom of God. In 30 minutes of watching a show like Family Guy, you could have used that same 30 minutes to watch a life changing sermon on a Gospel channel. Don’t waste time people of God, I can’t stress enough how important time is in our lives. If you waste time doing something you were not meant to, I guarantee you that you’ll have to make up that time in some way or you’ll just continue wasting time. It’s like a with a secondary school student in school. In class they’re given time to work on different exercises, at the end they’d usually get homework which will in turn compliment the work they did in class. If a student spends time in class not doing the work, they’ll have to spend time at home doing the class work and then even more time doing homework. In this way time they spent doing class work maybe they were meant to be doing something else like reading a book for another subject or practising for sports, all of these things will need to be made up for in time and in turn it’s not shocking when something suffers, for example if the student is doing homework in turn for something else they may rush it because the time they’re using maybe time that they had intended for something else. In this way, the bible says there is time for everything, don’t waste time, be sure to balance your time and organise your day. Someone once told me that in a day we have 8 hours to sleep (that’s actually the recommended time for adults too), 8 hours to work and 8 hours to play/relax. In this way I encourage you not to waste time on useless tv shows, talking to friends that are going to pull you down and things of such. You know where you are wasting time, ask God to help you to plan your day. God gave us enough hours in a day to accomplish his will so don’t slack just because you didn’t plan your day.

When it comes to flying, eagles fly high anyway but when they’re just learning to fly they don’t fly at maximum altitudes. The older and more experienced they get the higher they fly. In this way as children of God the more mature and experienced in this Christian walk the higher we fly. The higher we fly the less anything concerns us because we’ll be closer to God than ever before. If you’ve ever been on a plane, it’s like this when the plane starts lifting off even though you’re high above the ground you can still see and even name some of the buildings you’re flying over, you can still that the object you’re looking at maybe a car or a bus. However the higher up you go the more the objects lose form and shape, you get so high into the sky that you can just about see that there’s something there, you can’t tell if it’s a bus or a building. You get so high that everything beneath you is so tiny and so insignificant. Likewise brothers and sisters the higher you fly into the presence of God the more things of the world are meaningless and insignificant to you. The troubles of the world are so far from you that even when a trial comes you won’t even care, you’ll just fly into the presence of God and you’ll know that regardless of the problem you’ll overcome it. Isn’t that amazing? Brothers and sisters we need to get to this stage. We have a problem in the kingdom of children of God that want to be eagles but they are scared of storms and trials. Let me tell you now, rejoice and rejoice again when you have a trial because if you overcome it, it will strengthen your character and it will take you to a higher altitude of flying. When trials come never, I repeat NEVER give your tears to the devil. Give your tears to God alone when you are in deep praise and worship. Have faith that God will take you through it unharmed.

Eagles go through a time of solitude, a time of separation from their friends and family. This is the time it reviews its energy and the way it is functioning. During this time the eagle only drinks water and it beats its beak on a rock until its beak falls of a new on regrows. If the eagle’s eyes are not functioning as best as they should the eagle looks directly into the sunlight so that the sunlight burns away all the impurities. In this way, the eagle is renewing itself through fasting. Brothers and sisters how to we expect to fly higher and higher if we don’t take time to fast and review our progress? Psalm 103:5 says “[God] who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagles” Through fasting and separating yourself, God renews you in the same way he renews the eagle. In Luke 4:2 Jesus fasted for 40 days and forty nights. If Jesus Christ had to fast for that long, brothers and sisters we have to fast too. If Jesus hadn’t fasted in those 40 days and 40 nights where he was being tempted by the devil who knows how the story would have ended up?

Did you know that eagles have pocked of oil under their wings? These pockets of oil in the sense of the children of God are compared with anointing oil. Usually when people are anointed in church, olive oil is used. The fact that olive oil is used is very significant because olives grow very well in dry desert like conditions. They grow where people think that nothing will grow there. In this way people of God, to be anointed you need to be willing to go through the desert. When we read the book of Luke 4:18 it says that “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me…” In this way Jesus himself was anointed. How did this come about? At the start of Luke 4, Satan tempted Jesus – just after Jesus had been filled with the Holy Spirit. After Jesus was tempted and he overcame, that is when he was anointed. Is this coincidental? No, it isn’t because you have to show that you have passed the test before you gain the qualification.

In this way brothers and sisters I shall finish of with Isaiah 40:28-31. Speak this bible verses into your life. We are eagles and we shall fly and soar like eagles.

Isaiah 40:28-31

Have you not seen? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the universe. He never grows weak or weary; no one can measure the depths of his understanding. He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might he increases strength. Even youths will faint and grow weary and you men will fall in exhaustion, but those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.”

Bible Reading Plan by Christmas Day 2013

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately I have been rather busy with exams and other things ! Anyway I am back now and I shall be empowering you with the word, much more than before ! I tried to take on the bible in 90 days challenge and I failed at that. I blame that solely on my exams and sheer lack of time. So I am restarting this challenge but this time I am going to read the whole bible by Christmas Day 2013. Here’s  the plan I’m going to be using, feel free to join me :

Jun. 28: Exodus 1-5Matthew 1
Jun. 29: Exodus 6-10Matthew 2
Jun. 30: Exodus 11-15Matthew 3
Jul. 1: Exodus 16-20Matthew 4
Jul. 2: Exodus 21-25Matthew 5
Jul. 3: Exodus 26-30Matthew 6
Jul. 4: Exodus 31-35Matthew 7
Jul. 5: Exodus 36-40Matthew 8
Jul. 6: Leviticus 1-5Matthew 9
Jul. 7: Leviticus 6-10Matthew 10
Jul. 8: Leviticus 11-15Matthew 11
Jul. 9: Leviticus 16-20Matthew 12
Jul. 10: Leviticus 21-25Matthew 13
Jul. 11: Leviticus 26-27; Numbers 1-3Matthew 14
Jul. 12: Numbers 4-8Matthew 15
Jul. 13: Numbers 9-13Matthew 16
Jul. 14: Numbers 14-18Matthew 17
Jul. 15: Numbers 19-23Matthew 18
Jul. 16: Numbers 24-28Matthew 19
Jul. 17: Numbers 29-33Matthew 20
Jul. 18: Numbers 34-36; Deuteronomy 1-2Matthew 21
Jul. 19: Deuteronomy 3-7Matthew 22
Jul. 20: Deuteronomy 8-12Matthew 23
Jul. 21: Deuteronomy 13-17Matthew 24-25
Jul. 22: Deuteronomy 18-22Matthew 26
Jul. 23: Deuteronomy 23-27Matthew 27-28
Jul. 24: Deuteronomy 28-32Mark 1
Jul. 25: Deuteronomy 33-34; Joshua 1-3Mark 2-3
Jul. 26: Joshua 4-8Mark 4
Jul. 27: Joshua 9-13Mark 5-6
Jul. 28: Joshua 14-18Mark 7
Jul. 29: Joshua 19-23Mark 8-9
Jul. 30: Joshua 24; Judges 1-4Mark 10
Jul. 31: Judges 5-9Mark 11-12
Aug. 1: Judges 10-14Mark 13
Aug. 2: Judges 15-19Mark 14-15
Aug. 3: Judges 20-21; Ruth 1-3Mark 16
Aug. 4: Ruth 4; 1 Samuel 1-4Luke 1-2
Aug. 5: 1 Samuel 5-9Luke 3
Aug. 6: 1 Samuel 10-14Luke 4-5
Aug. 7: 1 Samuel 15-19Luke 6
Aug. 8: 1 Samuel 20-24Luke 7-8
Aug. 9: 1 Samuel 25-29Luke 9
Aug. 10: 1 Samuel 30-31; 2 Samuel 1-3Luke 10-11
Aug. 11: 2 Samuel 4-8Luke 12
Aug. 12: 2 Samuel 9-13Luke 13-14
Aug. 13: 2 Samuel 14-18Luke 15
Aug. 14: 2 Samuel 19-23Luke 16-17
Aug. 15: 2 Samuel 24; 1 Kings 1-4Luke 18
Aug. 16: 1 Kings 5-9Luke 19-20
Aug. 17: 1 Kings 10-14Luke 21
Aug. 18: 1 Kings 15-19Luke 22-23
Aug. 19: 1 Kings 20-22; 2 Kings 1-2Luke 24
Aug. 20: 2 Kings 3-7John 1-2
Aug. 21: 2 Kings 8-12John 3
Aug. 22: 2 Kings 13-17John 4-5
Aug. 23: 2 Kings 18-22John 6
Aug. 24: 2 Kings 23-25; 1 Chronicles 1-2John 7-8
Aug. 25: 1 Chronicles 3-7John 9
Aug. 26: 1 Chronicles 8-12John 10-11
Aug. 27: 1 Chronicles 13-17John 12
Aug. 28: 1 Chronicles 18-22John 13-14
Aug. 29: 1 Chronicles 23-27John 15
Aug. 30: 1 Chronicles 28-29; 2 Chronicles 1-3John 16-17
Aug. 31: 2 Chronicles 4-8John 18
Sep. 1: 2 Chronicles 9-13John 19-20
Sep. 2: 2 Chronicles 14-18John 21
Sep. 3: 2 Chronicles 19-23Acts 1-2
Sep. 4: 2 Chronicles 24-28Acts 3
Sep. 5: 2 Chronicles 29-33Acts 4-5
Sep. 6: 2 Chronicles 34-36; Ezra 1-2Acts 6
Sep. 7: Ezra 3-7Acts 7-8
Sep. 8: Ezra 8-10; Nehemiah 1-2Acts 9
Sep. 9: Nehemiah 3-7Acts 10-11
Sep. 10: Nehemiah 8-12Acts 12
Sep. 11: Nehemiah 13; Esther 1-4Acts 13-14
Sep. 12: Esther 5-9Acts 15
Sep. 13: Esther 10; Job 1-4Acts 16-17
Sep. 14: Job 5-9Acts 18
Sep. 15: Job 10-14Acts 19-20
Sep. 16: Job 15-19Acts 21
Sep. 17: Job 20-24Acts 22-23
Sep. 18: Job 25-29Acts 24
Sep. 19: Job 30-34Acts 25-26
Sep. 20: Job 35-39Acts 27
Sep. 21: Job 40-42; Psalms 1-2Acts 28; Romans 1
Sep. 22: Psalms 3-7Romans 2
Sep. 23: Psalms 8-12Romans 3-4
Sep. 24: Psalms 13-17Romans 5
Sep. 25: Psalms 18-22Romans 6-7
Sep. 26: Psalms 23-27Romans 8
Sep. 27: Psalms 28-32Romans 9-10
Sep. 28: Psalms 33-37Romans 11
Sep. 29: Psalms 38-42Romans 12-13
Sep. 30: Psalms 43-47Romans 14
Oct. 1: Psalms 48-52Romans 15-16
Oct. 2: Psalms 53-571 Corinthians 1
Oct. 3: Psalms 58-621 Corinthians 2-3
Oct. 4: Psalms 63-671 Corinthians 4-5
Oct. 5: Psalms 68-721 Corinthians 6
Oct. 6: Psalms 73-771 Corinthians 7
Oct. 7: Psalms 78-821 Corinthians 8-9
Oct. 8: Psalms 83-871 Corinthians 10
Oct. 9: Psalms 88-921 Corinthians 11-12
Oct. 10: Psalms 93-971 Corinthians 13-14
Oct. 11: Psalms 98-1021 Corinthians 15
Oct. 12: Psalms 103-1071 Corinthians 16
Oct. 13: Psalms 108-1122 Corinthians 1-2
Oct. 14: Psalms 113-1172 Corinthians 3
Oct. 15: Psalms 1182 Corinthians 4-5
Oct. 16: Psalms 1192 Corinthians 6-7
Oct. 17: Psalms 120-1242 Corinthians 8
Oct. 18: Psalms 125-1292 Corinthians 9
Oct. 19: Psalms 130-1342 Corinthians 10-11
Oct. 20: Psalms 135-1392 Corinthians 12-13
Oct. 21: Psalms 140-144Galatians 1
Oct. 22: Psalms 145-149Galatians 2
Oct. 23: Psalms 150; Proverbs 1-4Galatians 3-4
Oct. 24: Proverbs 5-9Galatians 5
Oct. 25: Proverbs 10-14Galatians 6; Ephesians 1
Oct. 26: Proverbs 15-19Ephesians 2
Oct. 27: Proverbs 20-24Ephesians 3-4
Oct. 28: Proverbs 25-29Ephesians 5
Oct. 29: Proverbs 30-31; Ecclesiastes 1-3Ephesians 6; Philipians 1
Oct. 30: Ecclesiastes 4-8Philipians 2
Oct. 31: Ecclesiastes 9-12; Song of Songs 1Philipians 3-4
Nov. 1: Song of Songs 2-6Colossians 1
Nov. 2: Song of Songs 7-8; Isaiah 1-3Colossians 2-3
Nov. 3: Isaiah 4-8Colossians 4
Nov. 4: Isaiah 9-131 Thessalonians 1-2
Nov. 5: Isaiah 14-181 Thessalonians 3
Nov. 6: Isaiah 19-231 Thessalonians 4-5
Nov. 7: Isaiah 24-282 Thessalonians 1
Nov. 8: Isaiah 29-332 Thessalonians 2-3
Nov. 9: Isaiah 34-381 Timothy 1
Nov. 10: Isaiah 39-431 Timothy 2-3
Nov. 11: Isaiah 44-481 Timothy 4
Nov. 12: Isaiah 49-531 Timothy 5-6
Nov. 13: Isaiah 54-582 Timothy 1
Nov. 14: Isaiah 59-632 Timothy 2-3
Nov. 15: Isaiah 64-66; Jeremiah 1-22 Timothy 4
Nov. 16: Jeremiah 3-7Titus 1-2
Nov. 17: Jeremiah 8-12Titus 3
Nov. 18: Jeremiah 13-17Philemon 1; Hebrews 1
Nov. 19: Jeremiah 18-22Hebrews 2
Nov. 20: Jeremiah 23-27Hebrews 3-4
Nov. 21: Jeremiah 28-31Hebrews 5
Nov. 22: Jeremiah 32-36Hebrews 6-7
Nov. 23: Jeremiah 37-40Hebrews 8
Nov. 24: Jeremiah 41-45Hebrews 9-10
Nov. 25: Jeremiah 46-49Hebrews 11
Nov. 26: Jeremiah 50-52; Lamentations 1-2Hebrews 12-13
Nov. 27: Lamentations 3-5; Ezekiel 1James 1
Nov. 28: Ezekiel 2-6James 2-3
Nov. 29: Ezekiel 7-10James 4
Nov. 30: Ezekiel 11-15James 5; 1 Peter 1
Dec. 1: Ezekiel 16-191 Peter 2
Dec. 2: Ezekiel 20-241 Peter 3-4
Dec. 3: Ezekiel 25-281 Peter 5
Dec. 4: Ezekiel 29-332 Peter 1-2
Dec. 5: Ezekiel 34-372 Peter 3
Dec. 6: Ezekiel 38-421 John 1-2
Dec. 7: Ezekiel 43-461 John 3
Dec. 8: Ezekiel 47-48; Daniel 1-31 John 4-5
Dec. 9: Daniel 4-72 John 1
Dec. 10: Daniel 8-123 John 1; Jude 1
Dec. 11: Hosea 1-4Revelation 1
Dec. 12: Hosea 5-9Revelation 2-3
Dec. 13: Hosea 10-13Revelation 4
Dec. 14: Hosea 14; Joel 1-3; Amos 1Revelation 5-6
Dec. 15: Amos 2-5Revelation 7
Dec. 16: Amos 6-9; Obadiah 1Revelation 8-9
Dec. 17: Jonah 1-4Revelation 10
Dec. 18: Micah 1-5Revelation 11-12
Dec. 19: Micah 6-7; Nahum 1-2Revelation 13
Dec. 20: Nahum 3; Habakkuk 1-3; Zephaniah 1Revelation 14-15
Dec. 21: Zephaniah 2-3; Haggai 1-2Revelation 16
Dec. 22: Zechariah 1-5Revelation 17-18
Dec. 23: Zechariah 6-9Revelation 19
Dec. 24: Zechariah 10-14Revelation 20-21
Dec. 25: Malachi 1-4Revelation 22

I hope you will be able to join me in this challenge however if you are not able to, you can always make your own reading plan through this website . Anyway stay blessed people of God !